Regional Skills Contest set to recognize and reward outstanding talents across the Nissan and INFINITI dealer network in the region

Dubai, UAE(29 August 2023) – Nissan Middle East announced the return of its highly anticipated Regional Skills Contest this month, recognizing and rewarding employees for their outstanding talent and customer service over the past year. Part of a larger global initiative, the regional contest underscores Nissan's commitment to fostering customer centricity in its workforce and that of its partner network across the Middle East.

50 out of more than 820 employees from eight markets qualified to the regional award ceremony, where they were rewarded the title of ‘The Elite’, as part of this year’s theme. In a true display of harmonious synergy, the event also brought together both Nissan and INFINITI brands to co-host the annual competition in the region for the very first time. Honoring the best-performing employees across four categories, the 2023 Regional Skills Contest rewarded an ‘Elite’ group of Sales Consultants, Service Advisors, Parts Executives, and Service Technicians. 

The top three participants were recognized with prizes and trophies for their exceptional performance, with one ‘Elite’ winner per category. Two of the highest performing Service Technicians and Service Advisors from Nissan, and one from INFINITI in each category, also secured a trip to Japan to attend the Global Skills Contest Award in November later this year.

Thierry Sabbagh, President, Nissan Saudi Arabia, INFINITI Middle East and Managing Director, Nissan Middle East, said: “The 2023 Regional Skills Contest reflects our dedication to providing unparalleled customer service and acknowledging the tireless efforts of our front liners across the Middle East. At Nissan and INFINITI, we strive to create an extraordinary journey for our customers, and this contest serves as a platform to recognize the individuals who make it possible. Their passion and dedication are integral to building strong brand loyalty, trust, and lasting relationships with our customers across the region."

Competition entrants from Abu Dhabi, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Dubai, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Qatar, were evaluated on a comprehensive set of conditions that encompassed tangible and intangible skills, knowledge, and processes. Each participant faced real-world scenarios, similar to those encountered in showrooms and service centers, and were made to complete a variety of tasks within a set time frame.

The Skills Contest, which is a global initiative, and a test of competence, a measure of knowledge, and a race against the clock, has been hosted by Nissan in the Middle East since 1997. Eligibility for the Regional Skills Contest is based on successfully completing the entire training curriculum and accumulating a minimum of one year's work experience at a dealership within the partner network. Furthermore, technicians are required to possess a minimum of NSTEP 2 qualifications. 

By spotlighting outstanding talent, the Regional Skills Contest contributes to building trust, loyalty, and brand enthusiasm amongst employees and customers for the Nissan and INFINITI brands in the region.