Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Co., the sole authorized dealer of Nissan in the State of Kuwait was recently awarded the Nissan Middle East ‘Award of Excellence’ for its outstanding performance across all of its operations. The award recognized the local dealership for its achievements in overall business performance, customer satisfaction and loyalty, sales, aftersales marketing and innovation throughout the past fiscal year – running from April 2020 – March 2021.

At a virtual event held last month, the award was presented by Joni Paiva, Divisional Vice President for Africa, Middle East, India, and Oceania region at Nissan Motor Corporation; and Thierry Sabbagh, Managing Director of Nissan Middle East, to Nissan Al Babtain top management. This comes following significant efforts by the Nissan dealership in Kuwait to implement best practices and devise an optimal customer retention strategy.  Despite the unprecedented challenges of the past year, Nissan Al Babtain has moved from strength to strength, gaining growth in the fiscal year 2020 in comparison with previous year results.

For over seven decades, Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Co. continues to achieve astounding results due to a versatile strategic formula focusing on growth, innovation, improved competencies, internal training programs and continuous management development while maintaining the quality of service to its customers and suppliers.

Proud of this outstanding achievement, Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Co.’s CEO – Mr. Saleh Al Babtain said: “It is an honor to receive the ‘Nissan Middle East Award for Excellence’ – an achievement that makes us prouder to be part of such a leading brand that is renowned internationally for its world-first technologies, and award-winning designs. This award is a true testament to the endless commitment and dedication of our employees to maintaining the highest standard of customer satisfaction and overall service quality, even amid the COVID-19 outbreak. It is important to recognize and reward those responsible for driving the brand forward in a dynamic industry, and so this accolade goes to the highly proficient team and their ambition to succeed through difficult phases.”

“With every challenge, we face an opportunity to excel. Despite the disruption worldwide, Nissan Al Babtain demonstrated resilience and agility by implementing a strategic response plan that would meet our customers’ new expectations and remain on track with our key success indicators. Our business model is built on a strong corporate culture that nurtures knowledge-based, high performers who drive positive and long–term growth and customer loyalty,” Mr. Al Babtain added. 

Mrs. Jihane Abu Hamdan – CTO Al Babtain Group Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Co.’ Chief Transformation Officer stated, “This is a prestigious win for all of us as we continually aspire to stay ahead and progress as leading pioneers in a competitive market.  We thank Nissan Middle East for this award. Through the years, we have proved that flexibility and adaptation are key to sustaining a positive and profitable impact on the community as well as for the business. 

With the different levels of lockdown and stay-at-home orders, we amplified and accelerated the deployment of our digital tools to meet the sudden and rapidly changing set of expectations. Nissan Al Babtain revolutionized its customer-centricity approach and transformed traditional experiences to a smarter, digitized world that would address new challenges and demands. We swiftly transitioned to a virtual culture and maintained seamless operational and sales efficiency and customer satisfaction throughout the difficult period. We always strive to push the realms of possibilities, and this was reflected through our dedicated staff who have maintained trust and credibility in the eyes of the market and our customers, making us immensely proud to be part of one of the most reputable and leading brands in Kuwait and the region.”

Presenting the award, Thierry Sabbagh, Managing Director of Nissan Middle East, said, “Industry-leading customer service remains at the core of our promise – including the entire customer experience from the minute the customer enters the showroom, to purchasing, to aftersales. This has been clearly demonstrated by Nissan Al Babtain, represented by Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Co., who delivered an outstanding performance across multiple areas in what has been a very challenging year. Today, we are proud to recognize Nissan Al Babtain with the Nissan Middle East Award of Excellence’, for their significant role in throughout seven decades of strong partnership.”

Last year, Nissan Al Babtain successfully launched the first Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles showroom under the “Nissan Intelligent Choice” (Certified Pre-Owned) brand, designed in accordance with the highest global standards approved by Nissan, to ensure customers have a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. Marking a new milestone in the journey of the brand, ‘Nissan Intelligent Choice’ combines the peace of mind of dealing with a trusted industry leader and value for money.

Representing significant revenue, Nissan Al Babtain’s aftersales services encompasses a flexible and strategic methodology and operational performance metrics which played an integral role last year, leading the department to enjoy one of the highest frequencies of sales in the region. 

For greater convenience and in support of local small to medium enterprises, corporates and individuals business needs, Nissan Al Babtain designed customized packages of its comprehensive line-up of its safe, unique and innovative models ranging from commercial vehicles and to passenger cars and SUVs to choose from as a preferred fleet vehicle alongside affordable financing solutions that best suits everyone’s specific needs. Since the beginning of the pandemic last year, Nissan Al Babtain has offered their loyal customers attractive leasing prices without down payment in addition to complimentary service packages for further convenience and peace of mind. Moreover, Kuwait’s frontline heroes were guaranteed special discounted prices on top of the current offers as a gesture of the group’s respect and gratitude for their bravery and selfless work. 

Catering to the emerging demands of its community of customers and the market arising from the pandemic, Nissan Al Babtain was swift to increase and diversify its services portfolio by enhancing its digital capabilities and investing in new digital tools. Nissan Al Babtain launched a suite of virtual series ranging from a virtual showroom so customers could be transported with ease from the comfort of their homes to enjoy a safe and immersive online experience to digital chatbots and video call features through which customers can speak to a dealer representative or request a call back or online chat.

The virtual showroom provides a 360-degree view of both the virtual space and each model, and is backed by the benefits of zoom in and out and intelligent navigation features. Placing priority on the wellbeing of both the Nissan employees and customers, Nissan Al Babtain had provisioned its customers with doorstep services which included pick-up and delivery service while ensuring adequate safety measures were put in place to safeguard all of the customers, employees, facilities and assets. 

Recognized for demonstrating excellence in customer-centric skills and optimum performance through its virtual tools, Nissan Al Babtain also received the ‘Most Engaging Video’ Award from VentaVid - a global platform for interactive video messaging. The home-grown group’s staff were commended for their sales skills and presentation performance, bagging seven out of 15 prizes under the Nissan Middle East Micro Videos category during the regional sales contest.